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My story.

My passion for art began when I was in high school spending countless lunchtimes on my own in the art room exploring my creativity, and learning, testing and understanding different mediums.

I am a proud Aboriginal woman, who is a descendant of the Murrawari through my Mother’s maternal side and Euahlayi through my Mother’s paternal grandmother and was encouraged by my art teachers to explore my Aboriginal art style. It was then that I went on to study my Bachelor of Creative Arts at Wollongong University NSW.

I’m well in tune with my senses and find my love for nature, animals and the landscape give me inspiration. I also find that smells, sounds and colours also have a big influence on my work.

Each piece I create is unique in its own way, and it’s because of this that I have been given some amazing opportunities, which has included my work being featured as part of the private collection of Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres and also featured on the US Embassy’s Collectable Coin.

I believe my art is an amazing tool, and I’ve learnt through years of workshop experience that it really brings people together by breaking down barriers and building pride and confidence. To me, doing art workshops, especially with young people who are new to connecting with their culture is an exciting journey which I love being part of.

The ability to be able to create something that has so much meaning and can resonate with other people is really special. It’s also a true representation of my passion, heritage and soul.

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