Garden Mandala – SOLD

Grand Mandala

This work was custom made to fit my clients home. They had a recessed space that was bare and a very distinct colour pallet to work with. I visited the home, took photos of the space and surrounds, then discussed my client’s ideas.

Mandala by Danielle Mate Sullivan

The artwork itself is derived from the process and structure of a Mandala.

I have used the garden, in particular, the Echeveria succulent, to inspire the centre shapes and I have used a pattern within the work that mimics a screening the client has in her home also.

I always take in what I see around the work, be it on other wall, textures in fabrics, colours out windows etc. It all helps to create a mood and feel for the work.

My client was very happy with the piece and I have since created 3 more large works for their home.

Mandala by Danielle Mate Sullivan

Mandala by Danielle Mate Sullivan


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