HOW COOL IS MY JOB – Seriously, I was reminded of this when I went back to take photos of the 2 POPP WORLD Ping Pong tables painted at Oran Park.

This project all started with a community consult workshop, where young people in the area got to have their say and express what they’d like to see. From there I created multiple concept designs, then executed the chosen ones onto the POPP WORLD TABLES Public Outdoor Ping Pong​.

This was such a fun job, but it didn’t come without it’s challenges. We started this project in December 2019 as the crazy heat, burning winds and terrible fires hit. Now it is complete it’s so rewarding to hear the feedback.
How great do they look with the other artwork (not sure of the artists name) that hangs along the arbour above. Can’t wait to see it all come together when this whole park is finished.
Guppy Art Management​ Beautiful work Marla.

Thank you to the wonderful Shane Sullivan, who busted his butt helping throughout the prep work – which is always the hardest part! I love you.