Water Tower – Partnership with Sydney Water and Urban Growth

Water Tower – Partnership with Sydney Water and Urban Growth

Located at the gateway to Edmondson Park, Cnr of Campbelltown Rd and Zouch Rd.

This huge 28m tower was the biggest canvas I have ever worked on a total of 1100sqm to be exact.

The story behind this artwork is that of the local area, Edmondson Park. It tells the story of past, present and future. I met with Winfred Farmer, a local resident for over 70 years and had long discussions about Edmondson Parks history and the changes she has seen across the years. Win’s parents were friends with the Edmondson Family and she told stories of war and spoke about John Edmondson with stories of them growing up and him going to war.

This project was such an achievement and certainly challenged myself and my crew on many days. I never thought id be on a 26mt scissor lift painting on such enormous scale. It is still great to hear from community members, even to this day, how much they appreciate the work we have done.

Edmondson Park Water Tower Sydney mural